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We do not currently have any hourly positions available.

Interns 04/04/14The Internship

For the past six years, Skarsgard Farms has been proud to offer an internship for aspiring farmers. We take pride in striving to provide all interns with well-rounded farm experiences that include many different elements of farming. The mission of the Skarsgard Farms Internship Program is to provide its interns with the means to integrate the theories and principles of organic farming through cooperative education and practical job experiences, thereby preparing and training competent entry level farmers. Most of our interns are individuals who aspire to someday own and operate their own farms. This Internship is not appropriate for individuals pursuing hobby-gardening, and part-time positions are not available.

Our Program

Acceptance to our internship program is based on rolling admission. Depending on the time of year we employ 6 to 12 interns at a time (fewer positions are available during our winter slow months). As our current interns finish their commitment we add new members to our intern farm crew. This model allows our more experienced interns the chance to manage and teach the skills they’ve been acquiring to others. After being fully trained, interns will be expected to take on more important responsibilities, help supervise volunteers, and partially manage different aspects of the farm. Interns must also be receptive and willing to switch tasks for new priorities or unexpected tasks that arise. Filled with all the different facets of food production, these jobs may include: greenhouse seeding, animal care, weeding, planting/transplanting, harvesting, washing, warehouse work, office work, construction, marketing, farmers' markets, and farm-clean-up. We hope that by becoming fully immersed and responsible for the quality of their work, interns will feel personally invested in the farm and its success.

Because we hire year-round based on our need we have no application deadlines.



All interns should be prepared for a very challenging work experience. The work environment on the farm is fast-paced, physically demanding, and requires that individuals be able to perform labor-intensive tasks for long hours, sometimes in unfavorable weather. It is extremely important for those applying to be honest concerning their physical capabilities and their willingness to push themselves before pursuing an intern position with Skarsgard Farms.


All interns must be over 21, have a clean driving record, and reliable transportation to apply.


All interns will be paid a monthly stipend of $700, and a weekly CSA box of fruits and vegetables.

If you are interested in the Skarsgard Farms Internship Program, please fill out the Intern Application and send it to We will want to talk to you over the phone as well. If possible, it is best if you can visit us at the farm, meet with our staff, and talk to current Interns to make sure that the experience will suit you.

If you have any further questions please direct them to


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