What Are People Saying About Skarsgard Farms?

"We just received our first big box from you guys.....holy cow ! Great selection for a great price and you deliver it to us all the way up here in Los Alamos..... *cheers* "  - Corrina from Los Alamos

"I am so glad I discovered you guys since I have trouble leaving the house and have been relying on the internet to get food delivered and therefore have been eating mostly frozen or canned foods for the last year! So thrilled with fresh veggies, milk and eggs!" - Jacquelyn from Albuquerque

"Very pleased with your service. The tutorial video on your website was very helpful. I found it pretty easy to set up my initial order and do a few substitutions. Delivery went smoothly; I can't bring in the items until evening and nothing had frozen. I normally cook a lot of produce each week (and shop once a week) and liked having my grocery cart lightened by your delivery. Also, since your produce has not had to suffer being on display for hours or days with the altitude robbing it of all moisture, it was in a lot better shape than what the store carries.
Your cheerful newsletter was an unexpected bonus. Looking forward to getting the rest of the family involved in selecting the weekly box items, since we alternate who cooks dinner. I use the web service Plan to Eat to manage my recipes and meal planning, and found that it works really well with CSA boxes. I did not get a recommendation of your service from anyone, but I had a vague knowledge that there was a CSA, and seeing the trucks out delivering during the winter break spurred me to go ahead and give you a try. I found you very easily using google, without needing to remember your name from the trucks. Already telling my friends about you" - Cynthia from Los Alamos

"I've been singing your praises to people for years, even when I wasn't actively a member because I love what you are doing with food in our beautiful state. I love that growth and change in response to customer needs isn't just grumblingly accepted, but actively sought out and celebrated. I love that you, and I mean the collective "you" who work at Skarsgard, are passionate about what you do and how you do it. It shows in the product and service that you provide." Kathleen from Albuquerque

"I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy getting our harvest box delivered to Natures Pantry in Alamogordo. Each time we pick up our box it feels like Christmas. This weeks delivery was even better than any we have received so far!
The broccoli was absolutely beautiful and the pomegranates were huge and tastey. But the best was the tangerines that reminded my husband of tangerines he got when he was a child.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to purchase healthy foods at an affordable price."
Mary from Alamogordo

"I just wanted to thank you for the delicious Japanese sweet potatoes I received last week in my order. Seriously, they were delicious! I'm not sure I can ever go back to orange sweet potatoes. :-) I never would have thought to try them on my own but as usual, you broaden my food horizons with your selections. I also ordered the ground beef for the fist time and my hamburgers have never tasted so good. You really do get what you pay for and I could taste a difference in the meat quality from what I've bought in the past. Delicious! I'll be ordering that ground beef again. Thank you! :-)"

Jenny from Albuquerque

"Well we’ve been with Skarsgard for over 3 years and just love everything you guys do to insure we have great food. So this is only a small thing for us. We’ve enjoyed being a part of something so wonderful. Keep up the great work!! Thanks!"

Maxine from Albuquerque

"As a new customer, I wasn't sure what to expect, and I just wanted to let you all know that you get a big thumbs up!  The order is perfectly correct, all the items look great, and the coffee, in particular, smells amazing.  
Thank you very much!  Will definitely be ordering from Skarsgard again."

Helen from Santa Fe

"I will be moving out of NM next week and will therefore be closing my account with Skarsgard. I just want to thank you all for the delicious food you have provided myself, family and friends over the last (nearly) 6 years. I am a vegetarian and have had to do next to zero shopping for produce at the grocery store because I've been able to create meals with what you all have provided each week. What a wonderful gift that you give.

With Gratitude, Carly"

Carly from Albuquerque

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