This Week's Harvest Box

October 11th to October 17th

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*Please be aware of the items with premium prices. They will affect the total price of your order unless you substitute them out of your Harvest Box*


  Large Harvest Box
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Medium Harvest Box
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Small Harvest Box

1 CA White Potatoes CA White Potatoes CA White Potatoes
2 AZ Gala Apples AZ Gala Apples AZ Gala Apples
3 AZ Cherry Tomatoes AZ Cherry Tomatoes CA Black Grapes $1.00
4 CA Head Lettuce CA Head Lettuce AZ Pears
5 CA Onions CA Onions AZ Mixed Bell Peppers
6 CA Black Grapes +$1.00 CA Black Grapes +$1.00 CA Onions
7 SKRS Carrots SKRS Bunched Arugula SKRS Carrots
8 SKRS Roasted Green Chile SKRS Roasted Green Chile SKRS Roasted Green Chile
9 AZ Pears AZ Pears SKRS Bunched Arugula
10 AZ Mixed Bell Peppers AZ Mixed Bell Peppers CA Chard
11 SKRS Bunched Arugula AZ Cucumbers -
12 AZ Cucumbers CA Chard -
13 CA Chard - -
14 CA Kale - -

Your Substitution Options*: 

*Additional cost may apply

New! Rotating Meat Sub Options: 100% Black Angus Rib Eye Steaks, SKRS Bone-In Pork Chops, SKRS Pork Sausage

New! Skarsgard Farms Bakery Item: French Baguette

Produce: CA Kale, CA Broccoli, CA Cucumbers, CA Sweet Potatoes, AZ Limes and Lemons, SKRS Green Tomatoes, AZ Garlic, CA Basil, CA Cilantro, CA Parsley, CA Green Onions

Dairy and Eggs: Rasband Milk, DeSmet Raw Milk, Old Windmill Chevre, Shredded Mozzarella, SKRS Cage-Free Eggs

Prepared Foods/Pantry: nocco Fettuccine, Swiss Alps Pizza Dough, White and Brown Rice, White and Wheat Flour, Cane and Brown Sugar, Rolled Oats, Lentils, Black Beans, Farmer Monte's Sauces

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