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Farmer Monte's Hard Cider


Our hard apple cider is nothing more than a journey of perfect simplicity. Organic Fuji and Gala apples from Excelsior Orchard are harvested ripe, milled and pressed into a thick stream of amber nectar. The leftover fruit pomace immediately goes to the farm to provide our South Valley pigs with a tasty treat. Within the fresh cider, the yeast cells start going to work and turn all of the apple’s natural sugars into CO2 and alcohol. And just like that, with no brewing, cooking or distilling and absolutely nothing artificial, you have a delicious, all-natural and gluten-free champagne-style hard apple cider. With one sip, you are reminded of crisp apples and fresh cut grass.

Where Can You Find It?


We can deliver Farmer Monte's Hard Cider right to the doorsteps of our members in New Mexico! Someone must be home to show the driver proof of legal drinking age (21+). We unfortunately are not able to deliver Hard Cider to pick-up locations.

You can also find our Hard Cider at many fine local establishments as well as Whole Foods and Cost Plus.