karsgard Farms has evolved over the years as the face of agriculture in our region has changed. When we established our CSA and it really started to take off, we realized pretty quickly that our members were looking for something a little different from a traditional CSA model. We started to ask both our suppliers and our members how we could make it work better for them, and our new CSA model was born.

We recognize that New Mexico is not an ideal point on the map to produce food year-round, so we partner with growers in neighboring states in addition to New Mexico to fill the void in diversity and availability of produce here in the Land of Enchantment. This turns our community into a regional community, inclusive of New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado and Mexico so that our members can receive amazing, Certified Organic produce all year long instead of being limited by the seasonality of our local area.

All ordering is done online, so you can place your order from anywhere, anytime on any device! Furthermore, order as often or as little as you'd like! It's totally up to you.

Because of the diversity we offer, you have the ability to fully customize your orders, so although we will select some default highlights for you, you can swap them out for different items to suit your personal preferences and add on as many non-produce items as you'd like. We offer a plethora of meats, dairy, baked goods, pantry staples, and more! This really, REALLY helps folks who have allergies or dietary restrictions!

Our members pay for their food PER ORDER, not per season, so you're never locked into any kind of commitment or risk by establishing a membership with us. You pay for what you receive and that's it. You can also sign up at any time of the year since availability of food is not limited by growing seasons! Also to that effect, you can cancel an order at any time! It is completely up to you to decide when you want to receive an order from us or not.

The best part is that you are still supporting local farmers and producers! We provide an option for our suppliers to increase their sales and profit without spending their valuable resources hunting down customers, so that just like you, they have more time to do the things they love. Our suppliers are able to reach a broader customer base by offering their products through our home deliveries, allowing their products to reach people that otherwise may not have easy access. We also help connect our suppliers to one another to help ensure that all of us have everything we need to be fruitful and grow while supporting one another.

Hand over hand, each facet of what we do helps our entire community thrive!


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